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What do I do if I am not sure if I have a claim against The Tulving Company, Inc.?

A claim is any right to payment held by a person or entity against a bankrupt estate. Whether or not you received notice of the case, you must file a proof of claim to ensure that your claim is considered. The proof of claim form can be found here.

When will my claim be paid?

The Trustee is in the process of obtaining information concerning potential assets of the bankruptcy estate. At this time it is unknown whether there will be assets available for distribution to creditors on account of their claims. The Trustee will keep creditors apprised of the progress of his investigation through postings on the website.

What if I move and my addresses changes from the one on my Proof of Claim?

You will need to file a Notice of Change of Address with the Bankruptcy Court. This form can be found here.

Where and how do I submit my Proof of Claim once completed?

You will need to submit your proof of claim by mailing it to the Central District of California bankruptcy court at the following address:

  • United States Bankruptcy Court
  • Central District of California
  • Ronald Reagan Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse
  • 411 West Fourth Street
  • Santa Ana, CA 92701

How do I know if my Proof of Claim has been filed?

If you would like to receive acknowledgement of your filing, you may either enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope and a copy of this proof of claim or you may access the court’s PACER system for a small fee to view your filed proof of claim. We will be updating our list of creditors periodically so you can acknowledge your filing on the Tulving Bankruptcy Website as well.

What is the last day I can file a proof of claim?

For all creditors (except a governmental unit), the last day to file a proof of claim is September 30, 2014. For a governmental unit, the last day to file a proof of claim is 180 days from the date of the order for relief (11 U.S. C. § 502(b)(9)).

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Since the Trustee’s appointment, he has been getting a large volume of calls from creditors, investors, and other interested parties. The Trustee has been attempting to return as many calls as possible; however, the volume is substantial. Many of the parties have similar questions. The Trustee hopes his website will answer many of these common questions. Additionally, if there are questions that are not addressed on the website, the Trustee has included a link for you to submit your question in an effort to manage the communications and limited resources of estates. While the Trustee can’t guarantee the individual question will be answered and addressed given the volume of parties, he anticipates reviewing, compiling, and addressing common questions that are submitted on the FAQ’s page on a periodic basis.

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The information contained on this page is provided for informational purposes only. This page does not purport to include all Trustee-related information relating to the The Tulving Company bankruptcy cases which may affect your legal rights. The information on this page is subject to change without notice, and the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed. You are not justified in relying on any of the information provided on this page. You should immediately consult competent professionals (a) to determine your rights and obligations, (b) to identify hearings and deadlines that may affect your rights or obligations, (c) to independently verify all dates and deadlines that may affect your rights and obligations, and (d) to protect your rights and to preserve your rights in the The Tulving Company bankruptcy cases.

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